YOG District
YOG District


Coat of arms


This is Gethoo!


Thug life march

Capital city Yogtown
Largest city
Official language(s) English ,French ,Street Slang
Official religion(s) Selcuar
Short name Yog
Demonym Yogis

Self-proclaimed Thug Empire

(Absolute Despotic Monarchy)

- Emperor Hebert
- Prime Minister Toby Daphoney
Legislature None
- Type - Unicameral
Established 2015
Area claimed Unkown
Population 5
Currency Dollar


YOG District is an artistic micronation, proclaimed in 2014 by artist Hebert Vaak and local authorities over two sculptures. The claimed territory is part of a school in an enclave near the State of Brändholm. It has achieved recognition from a number of other artist movements


The State was formed in 2014 by some people with was intrested in the West Coast Gangster Culture the state was proclaimed as indenpendent state in 2014 

Dispute with Brandholm

In 2015 the YOG District and the State of Brandholm got various disputes with claiming Wimsburg the capital of Brandholm as the YOG District vandalizised the White House 


The government is a self-proclaimed Thug Emperor with actuly leads the nation like a gang he is the absolute leader the Prime Minister is the second in command if the emperor left 



The YOG district claims a large part of Oegstgeest its capital Yogtown is located in the south west of it

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