Woodlands Republic
New WR Flag

"Always be prepared"
Northern Virginia with additional claims
Capital city Bridgeport
Official language(s) English (Offical)
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Woodlander
Government Republic
- President Enoch Chung
- Prime Minister Connor Mannion
Population 5
Currency WR Coin
National sport Fishing/Shooting
National animal Deer
The Woodlands Republic (WR) is a micronation located in Northern Virginia with additional claims in California, New York, Canada and Ireland. It was established in June 2014 by former KOV member Connor Mannion.


Prior to its establishment, Connor was a minister in the Kingdom of Virginia. On June 2014, a argument ensued between Enoch and Connor. This resulted in Connor seceding from the Kingdom. Angered, Enoch threatened to launch a invasion but after numerous peace talks, both sides came to an agreement and recognized each other. They even formed a union. By February, the KOV ceased to exist as a independent nation and Enoch joined the WR and became prime minister. In March, a conflict arose with the Empire of Virginia and Town Rangers, Paul Kang (Leader of Alpahdor) ended up getting involved. During this conflict, Paul began to harass Enoch and tried to rally his friends against him. Eventually however, peace was made but Paul kept on getting involved in the region,. During negotiations, Paul demanded that he gets access to Enoch's personal documents for "diplomatic purposes" Enoch refused. Later on in a private chat, Paul announced to Harith (Leader of the EOV) that he has had enough and he will blackmail Enoch. This however, failed. By August 2015 WR has increased in power. This era is called "The WR Golden Age" In 8/10/15 Connor relunctanlty handed authority to Enoch Chung. However, this was short lived and resulted in political unrest. By 8/11/15 there were 2 opposing governments in the WR, one loyal to Connor and the other to Enoch. The WR Military declared support for Connor. On 9/5/15 it is officially restored. Ever since February, the WR has transferred into a state of inactivity. Most citizens are inactive and there hasn't been any meetings.


The WR has a small military with a limited arsenal. It also has local militias. It consists fo three major branches: The Army. Navy and Air Force. The WRA is commanded by Isaac Chung but the president and prime minister hold powers too. There are 2 branches in the WR Military: Ground Forces, and Navy. The Military as of now is very small and it has plans to purchase more weaponry and recruit more soldiers.
WR Military

WR Airsoft Guns

It was first unsuccessfully deployed during the Virginia Conflict. However, after it ended a new law was passed banning WR troops from getting involved in other conflicts unless it threatens the nation or its interests. WR Troops are stationed throughout the Capital Area and its states/territories. There is also various regional militias who can be called anytime. They are bigger then the Army. There is also a small police force still being organized.


As of 2015, the WR has no official uniforms. They do use civilian clothing, vests and masks. The constitution forbids that the WR intervenes in other conflicts. Troops are used for defense purposes only.


The WR, hence the name is a presidential republic. A President is elected every 2 years and the prime minister is appointed by the president himself. The WR currently has no parliament or congress. President is the sole ruler of the WR. A new one is elecetd every year by a vote. The Prime Minister is selected by the President himself. States and Territories have elements of  autonomy, they can form indivusal militia groups and pass laws. Hence, WR is sometimes considered a confederecy by some. However, States have the right to be monitered and are banned from seceding. 


The WR controls a vast amount of natural resources in it's wooded territory. Most of it is avabile for trade. In July 2015 the WR formed trade relations with the EOV. The WR as of now uses the US Dollar as it's offical currency, however, it has plans to create a unique currency of it's own. In 2014 The president declared "Connor Bucks" to be the offical currency, However, as of now a new currency is in devolpment.


Much of the WR is covered by woods and ponds. The Capital Area however, consists of some neighborhoods. The Woods in these areas are home to many wildlife. Mostly fish and other species. There are many regions in the WR. The WR is located in the Eastern United States. specificlly Northern Virginia. However, it has several territories outside of the state. An estimated 80% of the WR is heavily wooded. Much of it can be used can be used for agriculture, and residental use. Nearby the Woodlands is ruins from the 1900's.  The area used to be a part of a Boxcar Station, The ruins can be seen today however, much of the priceless peices have been stolen prior to the WR's establishment. There are 4 main states within Northern Virginia. However, the WR has an unknown amount of territories either outside of the US or Virginia.

Foreign Relations

The WR maintains relations with its neighbors the Empire of Virginia and Nedland It is a member of the BCU, a local micronational organization led by Harith Zapata from the EOV.


  • Republic of Smithville
  • Sangheili Union
  • Diplomatic Republic of Berlonia
  • Empire of Virginia
  • United Islands
  • Radon
  • Westland
  • Republic of Litzenburg
  • State of Chungville
  • Morburn
  • State of Taipan
  • Microland Confederation


  • Republic of Keig
  • United Islands
  • United Republic
  • Federation of Westland
  • Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  • United Nation members (few exceptions)
  • Republic of Tibet
  • Republic of Somaliland
  • Western Sahara
  • Republic of East Turkestan
  • State of Taipan
  • Principality of Apia
  • Republic of North Africa
  • Sinorea


  • Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea
  • Peoples Republic of China
  • ISIS
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  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Eritrea
  • Somalia
  • Dictatorship of Pyongvang
  • Microland Confederation
  • Xboxian Empire
  • Empire of Florida
  • Marskarian Peoples Government


  • Kurdistan
  • Catalonia
  • Western Sahara
  • Kingdom of York
  • Republic of Turkey
  • State of Israel
  • Palestine
  • Republic of Turkey
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Republic of Sudan


Although The WR is located in the United States, it has began to form a unique culture of its own. WR Culture has North American, Western European, and Asian influences.

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