Westlandic Civil War
2016 zone
Date: 3 January, 2016-ongoing
Location: Westland, St Petersburg, Gogland,

Result: Ongoing

Territorial changes

Westprop1 Federation of Westland
FRSH Federal Republics of Severoslavia and Hochland

Supported By

Patagonia Federal Republic of Patagonia
Vinga Principality of Vinga
Flag of Vaupes Independent State of Vaupes
Flag of UIUnited Islands
FlagOfMarrskarDemocratic Märrskär
150px-Republic of Smithville Flag Smithville

Westland1 Westlandic Communist Party

Westland1 Red Westlandic Militias

supported by

Republicanspat PRF

Flag of the MPG Märrskärian People's Government


Westprop1 Provisional Council

FRSH President Allin Dyck

Vinga Prince Kentley

Flag of Vaupes Cas d'Urfee

Westland1 Commisar Sasha Kaspersky

Westland1 Fleet Admiral Nicholas Sikorsky

Republicanspat Unknown


Westprop1 18

Westland1 32

Military activity

Battle of Gogland (victory)

Battle of the Docks (victory)

Battle of the South woods (victory)

Battle of Mikhail Kalinin park (victory)

Casualties and losses

Westprop1 2 injured

Westland1 1 Frostbite

The Westlandic Civil war is an ongoing conflict between the Communist (Red) and Nationalist (White) Armies. It began mostly over leadership but there are multiple reasons for the conflict including idealogy, class, leadership, military, colonies and foreign affairs.

Communist Offensive

when the war began, White Westlandic forces were pushed into a small dock area.

Nationalist Counter-Attack

once the nationalist forces were mobilized they began a push and managed to take back a portion of the original territory.


on january 5, both sides met and agreed to have a cease-fire and keep the current territory. A DMZ was created through Mikhail Kalinin park. The Federation of Westland was left with little infustructure, no developed port, and little territory. Leading to many refugees leaving to FRSH or Russia, or defecting to Socialist Westland.

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