United Republic-Keig relations

UR-Keig relations are strong, and have been since the creation of Doland in 2014. Keig is currently passing a bill on recognition of other micronations besides Smithville, if the bill is passed then the United Republic of Doland, Jameston and Brietnam will be recognized by the Republic of Keig.

The United Republic meanwhile, passed a bill in early December 2014, recognizing the Republic of Keig as official. The two nations have also run a joint commonwealth, the Keigen-Dolandic Commonwealth. This however, didn't run successfully, due to the government's disagreements.

When the Republic of Creneva, declared it's independence from Keig, the United Republic refused to acknowledge that it existed. This continued for around five months, until finally, the government announced it's recognition of the state.

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