United Independent Union of Territories

Unitedindependentunionofterritories flag
Coat of Arms

Collect & Preserve
The Royals
2 rock Claims in California; 1 island claim, Tromelin Island Uiuotmap
Capital city Cybercity
Largest city Cybercity
Official language(s) French, English, Hindi, Emescubvictó
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Has short name::UIUOT
Demonym Territorial UIUOTian
Government Federal Parliamentary Democracy
- President Szymon Ashok Goode (Shah)
Legislature National Parliament of the United Independent Union of Territories
Established January 7th, 2013
Area claimed 1 sq mi
Population 1 One citizen, three non citizen green card
Currency UIUOT Franc
Time zone UTC
National animal Horse
Patron saint John X
The United Independent Union of Territories (Acronym: UIUOT, French: Royaume Syndicat Indépendant des Territoires, Hindi:प्रदेशों के संयुक्त स्वतंत्र यूनियन) is a micronation staking a claim on Tromelin Island and two rocks near the San Francisco Bay. It is a member of MICOPEC. The country is a Federal Parliamentary Democracy and the capital is Cybercity, a collection of websites about the UIUOT.


The UIUOT was founded on January the 7th, 2013 for President Shah's amusement. Originally, the country owned two decent size rock properties.

Tromelin Island Civil War

President Shah decided to wage a war on the Tromelin Republic on November 11, 2014 because of the TR setting an embargo on UIUOT. Scaoleynga and the Union both seized the Presidential Palace of the Tromelin Republic. The Union victory lead to a takeover of Tromelin Island and the TRG in exile. The war has strengthened relations with Scoleynga and the Union. To this day, the UIUOT controls the island with guidance of France and Mauritius.

The nation's goal is to become a valid macronation, according to a press release on Christmas 2015.

On March, 20th, 2016, the United Independent Union of Territories established diplomatic ties with the Free Republic of Liberland.

The 4/16 Gridsonville Attacks

Possibly as a result of ongoing condemnation on ISIS's stance in the Syrian Civil War, suspected domestic ISIS terrorists decided to attack a coffee shop, the Parliament and a major sporting stadium in Gridsonville. 121 people died and 342 people are injured. The government sealed the borders and declared a state of emergency. The Cybercity servers have been shut down as a result of the state of emergency. The conspirator is still out on the loose and there is a massive nationwide manhunt for him. George Lemieux, the Acting General of the Armed forces says that the "attacker is on the loose. We know that and um.. the only known picture of him is blurred and his face isn't shown.". All religious centers, community centers, national and regional parks, and malls are closed due to the ongoing manhunt. Police say that there are possibly six more conspirators.


The suspected terrorist in the 4/16 terrorist attacks.


The UIUOT Army is armed with a Nerf gun, a club, a set of bow and arrows, and 583 Kalashnikov AK-47s . The navy is composed of canoes, two aircraft carriers, and a battleship called the UIUOT Oceanic. The military nearly tripled in size after the Tromelin Island Civil War. After the war, the military became inactive until a country needs troopers. There are 27,000 people who serve in the military.

As a result of the 4/16 attacks, the US government gave away two M132 Armored Flamethrowers.


The government is a Federal Parliamentary democracy. There is a Parliament building.

Foreign Relations

UIUOT recognizes and maintains relations with several nations and governments, as shown below:

  • Kingdom of Scaoleynga
  • Scaoleynga Alternative Government in-exile in UIUOT
  • Tromelin Republic Government
  • Republic of Ushogroa
  • Woodlands Republic
  • Liberland

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