Founded Type Serves Capital City Head
16/02/16 20:31 GMT International Micronation Newspaper Union Global RadibuTranmania President Eoghan (Left post as of 19/12/16)


On the 16/02/16 President Eoghan issued a statement of intent on a Micronationals forum to establish an international micronation newspaper union. At 20:31 GMT of the same day, President Eoghan did so, establishing the Tranmania Newspaper Union.

At 20:40 GMT of the same day, the first two members were announced, the Tranmania Herald and aepdos, these are the founded members of the TNU(Tranmania Newspaper Union).

At 20:49 GMT 'The Brandholmer' announced it's intent to join the TNU. This was accepted, but on the terms that the newspaper was the establish a website before the first TNU meeting. This was the first 'Order of Quality' by the TNU.

On the 19/12/16 at 20:31 GMT President Eoghan of the UR announced that the Tranmania Herald was to pull out of the TNU due to inactivity amongst all members. It is now unsure whether the TNU is still functioning or even who is running it as President Eoghan also resigning from his post as head


The main goals of the TNU are to

  • Maintain quality across all micronational newspapers
  • To promote activity amongst micronational newspapers
  • Promote interdependence

List of Members

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