The Restoration
Date 17-27 April 2016
Location Apia
  • Victory for the Loyalists
  • Shady Morsi Restored as Prince
  • Constuitional Monarchy Restored
  • Johannes Doorn exiled
Flag of Apia Apian royalists Flag of Apia Principality of Apia
Royal Standard of Apia Shady Morsi
Flag of Apia Dylan Buitenhuis
Flag of Apia Johannes Doorn  White flag icon
Flag of Apia Duncan Beckmann White flag icon
Flag of Apia 25 Flag of Apia 10
The Restoration of the Apian monarchy began in 2016 when the Principality of Apia restored under Shady Morsi after Captain Johannes Doorn of the Apian Armed Forces established himself as Prince and suspended all political democratic activity in Apia. The term Restoration is used to describe both the actual event by which the monarchy was restored, and the period of the coup.

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