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The copenhaag star is a medal presented to people who embody Copenhåag’s Core values: Honesty, Innovation, Tolerance. Recipients are (as of October 2015)

  • Akí Alecjo 1 January 2013: Founder of the state
  • Søren Paitarsonn 3 February 2013: Arresting 3 terrorists as they fled the scene of a bombing.
  • (currently being evaluated)l Citizens of the United Islands may be newly eligible for the award under the 2016 Copenhåag Star Military, Police and Civilian Act
Copenhåag star
Awarded by Copenhåag government
Country Copenhåag (Swedish nationals can also be presented with the star)
Type Bravery
Eligibility Deeds of Honesty, Important innovations and Brave achievements
Awarded for Bravery in non-military situations
Clasps White;Green;Vertical stripes of red, Green, red
Established 2012
First awarded 1st January 2013
Last awarded 1/2/16
Total awarded 3

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