Canton of Tempera
Radon Arms

Terra Paxida
Julianadorp, Netherlands
Capital city Lareanit, Northern Avernoi, Central Radon
Largest city Foitbal Terra, Gainzterra, Central Radon
Official language(s) English, Dutch and Radonic
Official religion(s) Secular, Lacism
Short name Has short name::Tempera
Demonym Temperan
Government Canton
- Prince of Radon (and Cantonier) Nuri I
Established February 28th, 2014
Area claimed 6,99 sq km
Population 99
Currency Radonic Lare
Time zone (GMT+1)
National drink Lemonade
National animal Serval

Tempera, officially the Canton of Tempera is a canton in Radon which claims Julianadorp.


The canton is under direct control of the prince of Radon.


Tempera has numerous subdivisions, also called municipalities, who are guaranteed numerous rights outlined in the constitution.

Flag Emblem Name Administrate/Magistrate Population Location Landmass Head of Government
Noorderhavenflag Radon Arms Municipality of
Færes 15 Noorderhaven, Julianadorp 0,887 sq km None as of yet
Faermo Radon Arms Municipality of
Plænia 7 Western Julianadorp 2,56 sq km None as of yet
CentralRadon Radon Arms Municipality of
Central Radon
Lareanit 78 Julianadorp 3,54 sq km Nuri I

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