Emblem of Brandholmer Military
Coat of Arms 
800px-Flag of the Kivien
Founded 2013
Current form 2016
Service branches
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Defences
  • Police
  • Customs
Headquarters Woodcunty
Commander-in-Chief Shady Morsi
Minister of Defence Thimo Rodewijk
Chief of Staff Anuar Laddas
Military age 11-49 years old
Conscription 1-3 years depending on circumstances
Available for
military service
Fit for
military service
Reaching military
age annually
Active personnel 31
Budget TBA
Percent of GDP 5%
Foreign suppliers

Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic Republic of Viadalvia
Dolmanian flag Republic of Dolmenia
Hels flag Germanic Republic of Helsvenium

Sweden-State-Flag-alternate-1838State of Långholm

ImperialisRepublic of Rönnkobben

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The Statenförsvar (State Defence) comprise three services: the Army,the navy and the Air Force and Air Defense (a unified branch). It was partially formed out of the former Derskovian Army forces stationed in the Capital The Commander-in-Chief of the military is the President of Brandholm, Shady Morsi. The Ministry of Defense is in charge of political leadership, headed by Timo Bakker, while military command remains on the president The Army is the largest branch of the Statenförsvar and consists of the ground forces responsible for the country's land-based operations. It was established in conjunction with the other components of Brandholmer military on 2014, several months after the republic declared its independence from finland The Navy is the Naval component of the Statenförsvar operating in the Coast and Other Areas.It have one Ship the BAS Vaikomen it have also a marine infantary

Active weapons
Name Type of weapon Notes County of Origin
Remington 870 Shotgun USA
Glock 17 airgun .22 Air-rifle Germany
English Longbow Bow UK
AK 47  Assault rifle Stored in Poland Russia
Crossbow Bow Brandholm
Slingshots Improvised artilery Brandholm
54 Airking Airgun Brandholm
Luger Used by the Police Nazi Germany
KS 23 Russia