State of Brändholm
State of the United Islands

Flag of the Republic of Brändholm.png
20152016Flag of the Republic of Brändholm.png

Flag of the Republic of Brändholm
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Brändholm Coat of Arms

United by Unity
Freedom we embrace you
236px-Flying goose
Best state
Capital city Flag of Olympia Olympia
Largest city Olympia
Official language(s) English, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish ,Julholmese ,Esperanto
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Brändholmer
Government State
- President Shady Morsi
- Vice President Margot Tuin
- Prime Minister Iyan
Legislature Landskamer
- Number of seats - 10
Established 2015
Population 40
Currency United Kron
Time zone UTC +7
National sport Paddling
National dish Meatballs
National drink Dazul
National animal Lion
Patron saint Saint Peter

Official Website
 The State of Brandholm or was a state of the United Islands that existed from 2015, until 11 June, 2016, when it declared independence as the Brändholmer Republic  .

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