Socialist Republic of Penda
Logo SR Penda
Socialist emblem by party9999999-d4145cf
Flag Coat of arms
Territory  occupied by Penda in green

and largest city

Official languages Dutch
Ethnic groups *Dutch ,Brandholmers
Religion State Atheism
Government Socialist Autocracy
 -  President of the Presidium Jeroen Schelvis
Independence from Brändholm
 -  Declared 17 June 2015
 -  Total 8,539 km2

3,297 sq mi

 -  estimate 12

569.8/sq mi

Currency Krone
Time zone
Drives on the Left

The Socialist Republic of Penda was a former rebel village of Brandholm, where it controls territory. It is a self-proclaimed state which is widely rejected by the international community, that receives de facto humanitarian and military support from Korps Nationale Politie (Dutch Police) and the SKO (Stichting Kinderopvang Oegstgeest).

The entity was declared on 17 June 2015 by the socialist governor of Penda Jeroen Schelvis. However it was defeated by Brandholm on 3 September


The Socialist Republic of Penda was announced as a sovereign state on 17 June 2015. Immediately, Socialist Governer Jeroen Schelvis took control of this state, seceding from Brandholm .

So far the Socialist Republic of Penda has not been recognized as an independent state by any nation.

On 3 September Brandholmer troops tookover the Socialist Republic, Schelvis fleed in exile