Socialist Peoples Republic of Westland

Социалистическая Народная Республика Западнойземли



Anthem: Anthem of the Soviet Union

Socialist Westland on the Right (in red)

The Westlands
Capital/largest city Primorsk
Official languages


Demonym Westlandic
Government Stalinist Single-Party State
- Premier Sasha Kaspersky
- Secretary Samuel Bren
- Speaker of the Politburo "Ivan"
Legislature Politburo
Un-official Government entity
 -  Foundation 2014 (as proposed state)
 - Gogland wars December 31, 2015
 -  State Formation

January 5, 2016

Currency Rubles
Internet TLD ...

The Socialist Peoples Republic of Westland (sometimes known as SPRW) is a socialist micronation bordering the Russian Federation and the Federation of Westland.

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