The Honorable, Grand Constable, Shady Morsi
14742270037952 (2).png
Personal Coat of Arms
Grand Constable of Campinia
Assumed in office
30 August 2016
Vice Constable Dylan Buitenhuis
King of the Lasvarians
Assumed office
15 August 2016
Predecessor Office established
Supreme Leader of Hasanistan
Assumed office
August 12th 2016
President of Hasanistan Hasan Cakar
President of Koya
assumed office
16 August 2014
Prime Ministers List
Predecessor Luke Fawcett
Personal information
Born 9 Febuary 1999
Birth name Shady Morsi
Citizenship Abeldane
Nationality Dutch ,Egyptian
Ethnicity Arab
Political party None
Domestic partner None
Residence Olympia, Brandholm
Occupation Student
Profession Student
Military service
Nickname(s) "Prince's Sword"
Allegiance Template:Flagcountry
In service 2016-present
Rank Commander in Chief
Unit Campinian Defence Forces
Shady Morsi (Vojislav IIrac in Rytsargrad) is a Campinian academic, DJ author, and statesman who is the current Grand Constable of Campinia, Morsi identifies as a Conservative-Libertarian and is characterised as a social conservative. In accordance with the Campinian Constitution, as Grand Constable, he is head of government and commander-in-chief of the Campinian Defence Forces

He is also the current President of Koya,the Kn'aak of Dachenia,President of Brandholm, the Govornor of North Hasanistan and the head of government of Hasanistan.


Campinian honours:

Foreign honours:

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