Schuykille Haven
Vital statistics
Type Capital City
Level Unknown
Location Flag of Schykille Schykillian SSR
Inhabitants Unknown
 Schuykille Haven (known as Schuylkill Haven in the United States) is the primary capital of the Schykillian Sangheili Socialist Republic. It was originally supposed to be the main capital of the Sangheili Union but then the Communist Party of the Sangheili Union decided that Philadelphia would be the main capital. It is located in Schuykille County.

Schuykille Haven was named the "Capital of Communist Jews" after the 1st Sangheili Civil War after the Sangheili Government recognized Schykillians believing truely in Communism. Even if Schykille is mainly Jewish and that Schykillians have concerns for Palestinian and Israeli Affairs, Schuykille Haven made attempts to become Twin Towns and Sister Cities with many cities in both Israel and Palestine. Schuykille Haven is planning to ask the Republic of Keig to be twin towns with several Keigan Cities since Keig's main religion is Judaism. 

Schuykille Haven is also known for the Vraj Hindu Temple and several Christian Churches. It even has several ski resorts planning to be developed since Schuykille Haven is stationed in the Poconos. Schuykille Haven made an attempt to bid for the 2020 Sangheili Games in the Summer but failed to become a candidate along with Dover, Sangheili SFSR. Schuykille Haven is also famous for the Schuylkill River.

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