The Republic of Hawley was founded in 2016.


The Republic of Hawley is a Republic.



A has been established.


A's formation is now formal.

Mid 2006

A changes its name to NewtFundLend

Late 2015

Local authorities crack down and almost destroy NewtFundLend, whose power is transferred to The Kingdom of Hawley.

Mid 2016

The Republic of Hawley is founded and clashes with the Kingdom of Hawley ; backed up by UK.

Long story short: Republic of Hawley won but there is a Monarch Party.

May 2016

The 1st election in the republic of Hawley takes place and a tied government is untied by popular vote and given to BMG.


The Republic of Hawley is located in North-Eastern Hampshire, within the town of Blackwater, within Hawley, as a house.

States and Federal departments

Flag Emblem Name Administration Population Head of Government Official Head of Government
Upcoming! Upcoming! Central Hawley Direct 5
North Hawley Semi-Direct 10
South Hawley Semi-Direct 10 Ms101_ BMG
West Hawley Semi-Direct 10 vacant

Political Parties

Name Logo Founded Ideology Postion Seats Leader
Liberal Democrats Upcoming 2016 Liberal Democratism Far Left
10 / 30
Monarch Party 2016 Constitutional Monarchism Centre
8 / 30
Qan Wen 2015 Drak3ism None
2 / 30
Hawleyian 2016 Hawleyian Nationalism None
10 / 30

Foreign Affairs

Due to its neutrality policy, Hawley cannot enter a war unless Hawley itself is threatened.

Diplomatic Relations

Name Note
Cockatiel Empire Treaty of Diplomacy accepted on 23rd April 2016 at 1:28 am

Mutual Recognition

Name Note

Informal Relations

Name Note

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