Republic of Haren
2015Flag of UI.png

Fascist haren
Flag (2015)

One State One Leader
March on the Cross
Capital city Harwell
Official language(s) English,Finnish
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Government Fascist Republic
- President Wekno Alfrink
- Vice-President Tim Varik
Established 1 March 2015
Disestablished 27 July 2015
Population 6
Republic of Haren, formally known as Haren, is a micronation. It was governed as a Fascist single-party state. It was defeated by the United Islands durring the 5 Minutes War


Haren declared indenpendence as the Republic of Haren. The nation was an unregconised by the Fennoscandian states due the fascist rule of the state. It was also a small state controlled by 2 people. The nation with was divided into zones controlled by Tim van Varrik and Wekno Alfrink

The state existed for 2 monthes until the United Islands tookover Haren and became a state of it


The state was fascist and was divided into zones the East zone and the West zone controlled by Wekno Alfrink and Tim van Varik

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