Goepel is divided into 5 regions and 2 oversea territories. These Regions are subdivided into Communes,
Goepel regions

Map of Goepelnese regions

Regions of the Kingdom of Goepel
Flag Name Map Date of establishment Populaion Capital Governor
1 North Goepel
1 March 2016 Nan Bjorn de Wit
2 Adamstown
1 March 2016 Royal Anthem Adamstown Dylan
3 Dylansbourg
1 March 2016 Wij gaan Overkomen Bourg Wessel le Reveillot
4 Dallius
1 March 2016 Hail Treva City Marco O'Nelly
5 South Goepel
1 March 2016 Royal Anthem Sophia Rick-Trevor Wietmarschen Linda C

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