"This page is a reaction page about the 2016 Orlando Nightclub Shootings


  • Sangheili Union GSP Sangheili Union - The Communist Party of the Sangheili Union sent it's condolences to the Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the United States Government. After researching that the shooter Omar Mateen had his allegiance to the Islamic State; and another research that one victim was from the Sangheili Union named Akyra Monet Murray from Philadelphia, the Communist Party ordered the Sangheili People's Internet Agency to hack ISIS related websites and social media accounts; and uploaded gay porn from websites like Brazzers, Pornhub and others. This showed that the Sangheili Government "means business" as said by Prime Minister Alexi Kark when it comes to defending the victim nation from a terrorist attack and defending the LGBT Communities. Supreme Leader Mikhail Polidro delayed his visit to Orlando to next year on his trip from Florida to Cuba for the Winter of 2016. Polidro also approves the hacking of the ISIS websites. It was claimed that ISIS struck back removing the videos and changing passwords on all of Polidro and other Communist Party members social media accounts and might have caused trouble for friends of the members. The Communist Party retaliated by uploading a whole compilation of gay and lesbian porn on ISIS websites. After the alleged recognition of who was hacking ISIS, they finally declared war on the Sangheili Union. This declaration was made in a video by ISIS members speaking fluent Sangheili.

Smithville - The Government has condemned the actions of Terrorist groups and sent it's condolences to the Families of the people who died in the attacks. More Information is to come.

  • NATIONAL FLAG The Government of the Föúric Corporation and Al Vašé decried the shooting in Orlando, FL as an unlawful, violent attack, and an act of terror based on an extremed, unjust prejudice to the homosexual community on behalf of the barbarian and fundamentalist Islamic State. The Föúric State sends condolences to the families and community harmed and encourages the world in the effort and struggle to eradicate this cancer on humanity.

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