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This page is about the kingdom. For other Radons, see Radon.

Kingdom of Radon
Radon Old

The Flag of Fraternis Reedan



Near Mahuset (modern-day Maple, Slin)
Capital city Magnese
Official language(s) Dutch, English, Ramic, Early Radonic
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Radon
Demonym Radonic
Government Kingdom
- King Nuri I
Established June 6th 2011
Population 2
Residents: 1.800 (estimate)
Time zone (GMT +1)

Radon, officially the Kingdom of Radon (better known by its Radonic name, Fraternis Reedan) was a micronation close to Mahuset. The names of its places were mostly element-based, such as its province and capital.


Fraternis Reedan was originally formed in response to the First Pikawar as a defensive system for Team Pika Pika. But until after Ihuset formed, the kingdom didn't show any sign of development.