Principality of Brändholm

682px-Personal Flag of Wim

For God For Prince For Fatherland
Capital city Brandfors
Official language(s) Swedish ,English
Official religion(s) State Lutheranism
Short name Has short name::Brandholm
Demonym Brändholmer
Government Constitutional monarchy
- Prince Wim I (First)
Reinhart (Last)
- Govenor-General Lars Vikinsgen
- Prime Minister Wesley Winter

The Principality of Brändholm was was the first incarnation of the Brandholmer state, rulled  it was founded by 

Wim the Founder it included central the Island of Brandholm

The Principality was a major center of Brandholmer culture that maintained the preeminence The Brandholmer population The state was ruled by the two dynasties the Wim Dynasty and the Hart Dynasty, Wim the Founder became the first prince of Brandholm until his dissaperment in 2014. He was succeeded by Reinhart, who had been regent for his father. He was known as "Reinhart the Upurser"  In June 2014, the Principalty was replaced  with the Brändholmer State