Patagonia-Chile-Argentina border conflict
Date: 10th june 2015 - ongoing
Location: Patagonia-Argentina-Chile border

Result: ongoing

Territorial changes

Patagonia Federal Republic of Patagonia

Supported By

Vinga Principality of Vinga
Westprop1 Federation of Westland
Noflag Republic of Anchlussland
Coringa Flag United Federation of Coringa

Argentina Argentina (Un-official militias)

Chile Chile (Un-official militias)

Republicanspat Patagonian Republicans


Patagonia General Secretary Allin Dyck

Patagonia Colonel James Knight

Vinga Prince Kentley

Coringa Flag President Kein Nolta

Westprop1 Fleet Admiral Pavel Kaspersky

Argentina Adrian Fernández

Chile Alejandro Escobar

Republicanspat Unknown


Patagonia 20 (5 Officers and 15 Miltia-men)

Westprop1 2

Argentina 6 (government supportive militia)

Chile 3 (government supportive militia)

Republicanspat Unknown

Military activity
Casualties and losses

Patagonia 1 mildly injured

Westprop1 None

Argentina 1 captured

Chile None

Republicanspat 2 captured

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