Flag of UI
Type Unicameral legislature
Crown General Shady Morsi, National League
Prime Minister Samuel Bakker, Traditionalist Society
Speaker of the Parlamentet Arjaan Heide, Indenpendent
Opposition Leader Maximilaan Leigh, ASTAN
Members 20
Political groups Iron Coalition
National League
Traditional Party
Sword of the People
Political groups Alliance of Unity
Meeting place
20150401 101613
White House , Wimsburg

The Parlamentet  is the national legislature and the supreme decision-making body of the UI . Since 2015 the Parlemtethas been a unicameral legislature with 20 members, elected proportionally, on fixed four-year terms.


The Parlamentet was found to replace the Staatsraad

On 23 August the Parlamentet  was the first to a unicameral assembly with 10 seats. soon on 6 december 20 seats where added 


The Parlamentet performs the normal functions of a legislature in a parliamentary democracy. It enacts laws, amends the constitution and appoints a government. In most parliamentary democracies, the head of state commissions a politician to form a government. Under the new Instrument of Government (one of the four fundamental laws of the Constitution) enacted in 2016, that task was removed from the Monarch of Sweden and given to the Speaker of the Riksdag. To make changes to the Constitution under the new Instrument of Government, amendments must be approved twice, in two successive electoral periods with a regular general election held in between.

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