Flag of Pomtiki2

"For Home and People"
Capital city Pōmtiki
Largest city Pōmtiki
Official language(s) English, Pōmtikian, French
Official religion(s) 97% Lutheran, 3% Tahitian Relgion
Short name Has short name::Pōmtiki
Demonym Pōmtikian, Pōmtikish
Government Conservative State
- Govonor-General, Jackson R. Jackson R.
- Number of seats - 8
Established 18 March 2016
Population 34 registered citizens
Currency Pōm (De facto)
National sport Football
National dish Coconut Crab
National drink Coconut Water
National animal Bokikokiko
Patron saint Eric
Pōmtiki officaly known as Pōmtiki also refered as Niu-Pōm is an unrecognized state located in French Polynesia and commonly referred to as a micronation. It shares a sea border with France It was declared on 18 March 2016 by the Grand Anaheimish Colonization Act.

The self-proclaimed state's activities are headed by the Governor-General, and the Grand Anaheimish Colonization Act. Pōmtiki has been recognized by Pumpland, and numerous others   The Governor of Pōmtiki is Jackson R. 


It was first spotted in 2007 as a small island located between French Polynesia and Kiribati.


Pōmtiki owns a small island between Polynesia and Kiribati and in triangular in formation with coconut palms, and small shrub, along with coconut crabs, and the French Polynesian ground dove.


Meaning: The blue means the sky, the sun is rising, and the ocean waves.


91.5% White, 8.5% Polynesian.

Administrative Divisions

The island is divided up into 3 chiefdoms, Utui, Pōm, and Lihue.


The National Armed Forces of Pōmtiki. It is divided into two sections;

Police: 4

Navy: 14


The economy is surprisingly strong compared to others and the main export is the Oroblanco, Pre-Teen Shaving Kits and Coconut Water, and the main import is water, and building materials.


The island is 8 feet off the sea level and has lots of coconut palms surrounding the beach and dense shrub and oroblanco trees in the middle.

Political Parties

Parties Short name Seats President
Conservative Party of Pōmtiki C_POP 3 W.R.H
Liberal Party of Pōmtiki LP_POM 2 H.R
Kiribati Federation Kiribati_POM 3 J.L

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