His Highness
Lord Protector of Langholm& G.O.B.
Oscar Bär
Lord Protector of Langholm
Predecessor Klements Bar
Successor None
Assumed in office
12 January 2015
Successor Reinhart
Personal information
Born 12 December 1996
Nationality Dutch ,Langholmer
Ethnicity Germanic
Political party House of Bar
Domestic partner Alisha
Military service
Allegiance Sweden-State-Flag-alternate-1838 State of Langholm
Rank General
Oscar Bär is a Langholmer statesman who served as The Second Lord Protector of the State of Långholm he is known for highlighting his reputation of imposing his personal eccentricities upon the country, which extended to renaming months for details of his own biography among other things.Under his leadership, State of Långholm became a autocratic state and had close political and economic relations with the State of Brandholm He is known as the "Killer of Statan" and "Gods represitation on Earth" as the Fascist revoluition seceded, He was exiled to Brandholm