Welcome to Nuacht Beag. The Wikia edition of Nuacht Aontaithe. Feel free to browse around here and on Nuacht Aontaithe, 'The Official News Site to the United Republic.

Shaktar Tranmania make it to Semi Final in 2015/16 EUFA Europa League

Shaktar beat Olympia 8-3 aggregate, and tied with Hasslo 4-4, to make it past the Group Stages into the Semi - Finals. Where Shaktar will face another UR team, Jameston City. Who made it from Group A.

Nuacht Beag Opens

Nuacht Beag, a smaller edition to Nuacht Aontaithe, was opened on the 5th of August, 2015, at ten past four in the afternoon. The service will focus more on international news, then national news, and shall serve the Micronationalss community. The President wrote to Nuacht Aontaithe, wishing them the best of luck with this new service.

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