August 7th 2015

Shkëndija walk away with precious 4-1 win

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AC Ferburku lose heavily in the Keigen Premier League to Shkëndija Primorje

Day 2 in the Keigen Premier League arrives with a bang as Shkëndija hosted AC Ferburku in Primorje, and the match was to result in a 4-1 win. This result followed a depressing 4-1 lost to European giants Shaktar Tranmania away in Tranmania, Doland. Meanwhile Inter Ferburku are excelling in the Europa League, with a tie against Hasslo coming up, and theres hope in the air in Ferburku after a 2-1 win at home to Primorje, although the winning goal coming late into added time.

August 3rd 2015

Inter Ferburku representing Keig in Europe

Big day for Inter fans as Inter Ferburku beat Keigen side FK Timorska 1-0 in a close tense game for the Inter fans.

The story in this years EUFA Europa League began when Inter Ferburku, YL Nordburg, AC Ferburku & FK Timorska were all drawn into the First Qualifying Round of the EUFA Europa League 2015/16. In the end, Inter Ferburku drew FK Timorska, YL Nordburg drew Dolandic side Shaktar Tranmania & AC Ferburku got mighty United Brandholmer club Olympia FC. The first leg turned out decent for Inter & Timorska, although Nordburg & AC Ferburku both faced heavy defeats of 4-1 and 2-0.


AC Ferburku had a fierce 33 hour drive to play Olympia in the second leg, which ment crossing Scotland, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden & Finlands borders before finally making it to Brandholm.

There was controversy over the travel to Aland as there has been war spreading through Brandholm & United Islands, although the coach of AC Ferburku made the remark "We do not care about war, we came to play football.". AC Ferburku played out a 1-1 draw against the Brandholmer giants, coach Jacob Moyes said "We travelled far, we played well, we got a 1-1 draw. It has been a good european journey this season, but now it's time to focus on the Keigen League, and getting into europe again."

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