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Credit to Lovia Wikia aka nation Wiki for the main page.

Micronationals Wiki
Micronationals Wiki is a wiki established in 2014 after two users moved from MicroWikia to establish a new wiki, since then over 80 users have edited at least once on Micronationals. The wiki is a small one and welcomes any micronationalists who want to come and edit!

This wiki has 728 pages, 12 of which have achieved good article status.

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RadibuFebruary 3rd: Doland turns three years old.

Flag-of-Maslembourg January 14th: LTK is officially the champion of CMF 2016

Radon January 11th: Radon has established the Canton of Paxe-Neo, adding a further 68 sq km (26.3 sq mi) of area to the micronation.

Flag-of-Maslembourg December 29th: Due to financial problems, the MFC 2016 will only continue on January 14, 2017.

Last.berlonia-1 December 24th: The newspaper Jornal da Berlonia gets its own website: [1]

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The 2015 Radon Winter Microlympics was a event hosted in 2015 by the Micronationals Nations Committee. See more...

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