The Micro World Cup of Ice Hockey is a micronational ice hockey event It contains Five confederations: the Americas, Sangheili Union, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa Participating teams will include any nation from the world but only 4 participants from the Sangheili Union must qualify through the Winter Sangheili Games while one receives automatic qualification for another specified reason. Schykille PR qualified to the 2017 World Cup because they won the 2016 edition winning 5 to 1 against Smithville


Year Host Nation Host City(s) Teams Winner Runner Up Semi Finalists
2016 Flag of Schykille Schykille PR Schuykille Haven, Reading and Altoona 24 Flag of Schykille Schykille PR Smithville Sangheilios SFSR
2017 Ratchet SSR Wildwood 33
2018 Germax
2019 Pennsylvania Keystone Alliance (Sangheilios SFSR, Khomat Al Diyar SSR, Erie SSR, Schykille PR, Unironia)
2020 Popular Nations Union

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