Rome is the Ideal, all else is but shadows.

—Maximus Nephos on Nations

Maximus Nephos
Maximus Nephos-Esterlyn
President Ultima
Position President Ultima
Predecessor Office Created
Leader 1 (5 for 0 against)
Nationality Esterlyian
Political party Democialists (Democratic Socialism)
Residence Palace Julius
Occupation Engineer, Scientist, Politician, Artist, General
Profession Military tactics and Engineering
Cabinet Mathis Lee, Brian Aquillis
Religion Church of Fourty-two (Lord-Doge)
Military service
Nickname(s) 'Modern-Jenkins', 'The Mad'
Allegiance Esterlyn
Service/branch Freedom Delivery Service / Armed Militias
In service 2015 - Present
Rank Consulate-Major
Commands Areo Liberas Legio I / Legio Defendo II
Battles/wars Battle of Colonia Julius
Awards 'Leeroy'
Maximus Nephos is/was the leader of the following nations:





Currently he is the President Ultima of the Republican States of Esterlyn and had a big part in the construction of it.

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