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State of Matsia

The Flag of Matsia


The CoA of Matsia


Pacificus Amor



Northumberland, England / Hoorn, Netherlands
Capital city Matsia City
Largest city Matsia City
Official language(s) Dutch, English, Esperanto
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Matsia
Demonym Matsian
Government State-monarchy
- King Matthies Kersbergen
- Type - Unicameral
Established May 2015
Area claimed 1 ha (2,5 acres)
Population 6
Residents: unknown
Density 600 people/sq km (1554 people/sq mi)
Currency Unknown (previously: Radonic Lare)
Time zone (GMT)?
National drink Unknown
National animal Pegasus (Hey, if Scotland can have a unicorn...)

Matsia, officially the State of Matsia, is the fifth incarnation of Matsia. It is ruled by King Matthies Kersbergen. It has three districts- Island Cherry and Cambois Beach in the UK, and Cherrystan in the Netherlands. It has three official languages: English, Dutch, and Esperanto.