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Great Principality of Mallowynne
Ju5tinfigureian Flag
Mallowynnian Coat of Arms


"Porro Ago Populus Quod Monarchia" (Latin)

"Long Live The People And The Monarch" (English)



Canberra, Australia

Capital city New Europia
Largest city New Europia
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Church of Mallowynne
Short name Mallowynne
Demonym Mallowynnian
Government Constitutional Monarch
- Prince Justin I
Established January 2nd 2015


Mallowynne or The Great Principality of Mallowynne, was founded in Canberra, Australia on January 2nd 2015 by the current Head-of-State Justin Kampowski (Prince Justin I). 


Mallowynne was created on January 2nd 2015 with no name, it took almost the whole month to come up with the name.

After everything was planned, the nation was in the "now what situation", excitement of the country was dying out over six weeks. Once the excitement revived, Mallowynne started planning to prevent another "now what".

Mallowynne was just over four months old when it suffered it's first civil war against the Communism way of life. The war lasted less than three hours before the Communism Group surrendered, luckily nobody died from the conflict.


Mallowynne is planning on becoming a Constitutional Monarchy, because the nation has been founded by one person, Mallowynne is temporary an Absolute Monarchy.

"If you create a republic, you will need to make law books and when the nation is made by one person, you are more better off starting the country as an absolute monarchy. That is why most micronations have a lot of monarchies."

- Prince Justin I (Discussions on Micronations - March 27th 2015)

Territorial Land

Territorial land is currently a struggle with Mallowynne and the country which is enclaved in (Commonwealth of Australia).

Mallowynne had many plans of enclaves through Regional New South Wales but was scrapped in Mid - March due to complications.

The only property the country owns is the "Consulate of Everything" which is currently located  in Australia's Capital City (Canberra).

Province of New Europia

Province of New Europia - Microwiki Page

New Europia is an enclaved Township currently in the planning stage. The township is predicted to have just over 320 citizens, a school house, a town hall, many small farms etc.

Mallowynnian Martian Territory

Mallowynne is currently having plans to buy 1 acre of Mars from the Galactic Government and Lunar Embassy. If successful, the nation will officially have control of the land which will become the Mallowynnian Martian Territory (M.M.T).

Ernst Thälmann Island, Republic of Cuba

Mallowynnian Territory of Ernst Thälmann Island

Ernst Thälmann Island is an island off Cuba (Republic of Cuba) given to East Germany (German Democratic Republic). The Island was not in the reunification treaty. The status of the island's ownership is uncertain, if it is owned by East Germany, Cuba, or unclaimed land.

Mallowynne is currently attempting to claim Ernst Thälmann Island from East Germany. Which could possibly strain relations with the Republic of Molossia due to their war on East Germany because of Ernst Thälmann Island.

Provinces and Territories of Mallowynne


Name of Province or Territory Date Granted Population

Flag of New Europia

Province of New Europia 13th April 2015 0

Mallowynnian Martian Territory

Mallowynnian Martian Territory 13th April 2015 0

Flag of Ernst Thälmann Island under Mallowynnian Rule

Mallowynnian Territory of Ernst Thälmann Island 13th April 2015 0

Foreign Relations

Mallowynne is strict when it come to Foreign Relations. Mallowynne has some negative views of a lot of countries due to its "ridiculous policies".

Limited Recognition of China

The Principality has no recognition of the People's Republic of China due to it's "negative political influence".

China's recognition and diplomatic relations will be transfered to TaiwanHong Kong and Macau will be recognised as independent nations to the Principality.

Limited Recognition of other UN Countries

Mallowynne has no recognition of the Republic of Cyprus instead recognises the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, only recognised by Turkey.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea isn't recognised by Mallowynne either because of it's "negative general influence to the world".

Recognition and Relations of Micronations

Mallowynne does recognise most of these Micronations


Mallowynne's Primary Army is known as the Royal Army of Mallowynne, which has thirteen active members

  • Two Mallowynnians
  • Nine Australians
  • One New Zelander
  • One Canadian

Mallowynnian War on The Pro - Mallowynnian Communist Group (11th April 2015 (11:42am - 2:18pm)

The Mallowynnian Communist Group is an activist group with an aspiration to eliminate the Prince of Mallowynne from Power. The group was on watch by the Royal Army of Mallowynne one month prior to this three hour conflict.

The war began 18 minutes before midday, the Communists for the first hour were at the brink of winning this war, after a brief lunch break, the R.A.M was now at the brink of winning taking two thirds of the Communists controlled land in 90 minutes. By 2:15pm, Communist controlled Mallowynne was just an enclave taking a small building.

The leader of the Communist Group asked the Prince of Mallowynne to sign an aggreement. The aggreement is what ended the three hour war.[4]

The leader of the Communist Group and the other members were arrested by the R.A.M for treason charges, they were banned from stepping into Mallowynnian Territory or Mallowynnian Waters until December 31st 2016.

Since then, the Prince has told the R.A.M to raid anyone who has a Communism personality to see if they are a threat to Mallowynne. Nobody else in the nation had a Communism personality. He has since banned Communism from ruling the Principality.


Mallowynne contains a relatively very tiny economy that doesn't match with the Australian economy.


Mallowynne has three official (one temporary) currencies.

The Australian Dollar is currently the official currency of Mallowynne until the release of the Mallowynnian Dollar.

The Mallowynnian Dollar is in the planning stage right now, the currency will be the first currency to be pegged with two currencies. The Australian Dollar (AUD) and the United States Dollar (USD).

e.g. AUD$1 is USD$0.75 (as of April 13th 2015) AUD$1 & USD$0.75 - MWD$0.87

Bitcoin is Mallowynne's online currency which is pegged with the USD.                                      


Mallowynne has a flag system to tell what is a country and what is a province or territory. 

A country's flag tells what is Mallowynne and what is a Mallowynnian Dominion, the flag will usually have the Mallowynnian Coat of Arms on the top left corner with something else designed on the flag.

A province, state or territory will have the Mallowynnian Coat of Arms in the left third of the flag with the other two thirds showing and representing the province, state and territory.


Mallowynnian National Flag

The Mallowynnian National Flag (to the left) is an example on the country's flag on Mallowynne and Mallowynnian Dominions.

Having the Coat of Arms in the top left of the flag with a design representing the country and it's culture.


Mallowynnian Martian Territory

The Mallowynnian Province, State and Territory Flags (to the right) is an example to the flags representing your area of the country. One third of the flag has to show the Mallowynnian coat of arms, if a Mallowynnian Dominion, the Flag has to have it's own coat of arms as well as the Mallowynnian coat of arms on the flag. The other two thirds include a design of what the country represents and it's culture. (Mallowynnian Martian Territory Flag).