Märrskärian People's Government
(Democratic Märrskär)

Flag of PR Marreskar.png

Flag of the MPG

Capital city Ohluna
Official language(s) English,Finnish
Official religion(s) State Atheism
Government Warlord Structured State under totalitarian dictatorship
- President Vacant
Established 22 January 2015
Population 6
The Märrskärian People's Government  is a government in exile composed of the remnants of the Communist Party of Marrskar in opposition to the by Brandholm established State of Märrskär. Its President was Ben Plas (who was also head of the armed forces) and its Deputy Prime Minister (in charge also of foreign affairs) was Wesley Vaang. . Areas it controlled included Olujna (the capital of the provisional government) 

The MPG was allowed to retain the seat of Democratic Marrskar in the FSC along with the SOM the MPG is seen a the legitimate Marrskarian government in contrast to the Brandholmer installed and controlled State of Märrskär regime

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