The Landskämer is the unicameral national legislative of the State of Brändholm . The Parliament is chosen annualy by the citizens of Brändholm

A Representative is elected by each citizen in the Republic . The Councilliman elected by the people of the entire Republic out of Representatives endorsed by the President in a General Election - the next must be held on or before 20 January 2015 All elections use the first-past-the-post system, and there are no limits on how many consecutive terms the Doge or a Councillman can serve.

Political parties

Name Logo Founded Ideology Position Seats Leader
National League [1] 2015 Libertarian-Conservatism Right 5 / 10 Shady Morsi
Socialist Party [2] 2015 Socialism Left 4 / 10 Said Likofen
Indenpendent [3] 2015 Socialism Left 1 / 10 Andre Dey