The Kingdom of Kitonia is a state of the Imperial Federation of Zenrax. The kingdom governs its self and makes its own laws, currency, government, etc. But they must comply with the Imperial Federation of Zenrax laws that are already in place. The ruler of the Kingdom of Kitonia is King Austin Rowe and the governor of the state is Governor Earl Bellino. The Kingdom of Kitonia's area of influence is all of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard which means that anyone that is a citizen or is going to be a citizen of Imperial Federation of Zenrax that lives on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard will automatically become a citizen of the Kingdom of Kitonia.


To become a citizen of the Kingdom of Kitonia you can either become a citizen of the Kingdom of Kitonia directly or become a citizen of the Imperial Federation of Zenrax and live on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.


The Kingdom of Kitonia's government consists of two people the King Austin Rowe which is the head ruler of the state and the Governor Earl Bellino.


The Kingdom of Kitonia currently uses the Star Dollar which is the currency of the kings previous nation the Star Kingdom which he was also the king of. The Star Dollar has its own banking system that it uses from the artificial banking system known as which is suppose to be used for a classroom economy but is suitable for use with the Star Dollar. If you would like an account with the Star Royal Bank you can do so by going to the banking website which you will find information about the banking system and how to access it and make an account. The link to the website will be listed under the Links section of this page.


King Austin Rowe's Email:

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