Khanate of Akikland
Akkikian FlagCoat of Arms

For God and our Khan
Oʻgreat Akikland
Northeast Kazahkstan-South Eastern Russian Border
Capital city Akistana
Largest city Akistana
Official language(s) Russian, Kazakh, English
Official religion(s) Lutheranism, Orthodox, Islam
Short name Has short name::Akikland
Demonym Akikian, Akikiander
Government Khanate
- Type - Khanate
Established March 29th, 2016
Population 31
Currency Kazakh, Russian Rubles
National sport Tchoukball
National dish Saiga Antelope Steak
National drink Green Tea
National animal Saiga Antelope
Patron saint Eric

The Khanate of Akikland is a micronation that was created March 29th, 2016 by Pumpland and its dependencies as independent state after reading about many central asian states (some do not exist anymore) and gets most of it culture and influence from the Khanate of Kokand. The population is registered at 31.

Flag and National Symbols

National Flag of Akikland(based off of the romanov flag):

Akkikian Flag

Black: The dark and beautiful nights that lay in the Akikland plains.

Yellow: The color of the beautiful Akikian sun, and desert.

White: To symbolizes the Christian people and their innocence.

Coat of Arms:

Coat of Arms

The same as the flag but with the *Akikian bear to represent the strength of the people.


*Akikian Bear, is the Wheaten Terrier, that is also known as the bear dog.

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The area was originally unihabitated until Mongol Raiders came and settled, which at that time was apart of the Chagatai Khanate, then the Sibir Khanate. It was then included in North Eastern Russian Turkestan.


Akikland is divided by the "Great Akikian Plain" between Northern Akikia(land) and Southern Akikia. It shares a border with Kazakhstan and Russia.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.26.23 AM
Akikland Map

Map of Akikland:

Map of Southern Akikland:

South Akikland


Akistana- Capital Pop, 23

Tugioa Village- 8

(It can be found on google maps here: 50.863916, 83.810935)


Demoyon: Akikian, Akikander, Akikilander

87% Aryan (Swedish, Russian, Russian Kazakh, Volga German)

22% Turkic (Kazakh, Uzbek)

1% Siberian


Even though the cultural aspect is Islam, and Tengrism, the majority at 89% Lutheran Christian, 8% Orthodox Christian, 3% Islam.


The state language is Kazakh (Akiki dialect)

The official language is Russian.

Other languages, Swedish, English.

Russian: Флшлшдфтв

Kazakh: Флшлшдфтв

Akikian: Флшлшдфтв

Mongolian: нькбикгазар


Akikian Farmland

Akikian Plain

Lake Tuxt

Akikland, Lake Tuxt

Akikian Steppes

46542554 3811

Akikian Plains

Akkikian Mountains

SANY0023 800x600

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