Keigen League One
Country FlagOfKeig Keig
Confederation EUFA
Founded 2015
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Keigen League Two
Domestic cup(s) Keigen Cup
League cup(s) Keigen League Cup, Keigen Challenge Cup
International cup(s) Champions League & Europa League
Current champions TBD
Most championships TBD
TV partners Sportaav
Website TBD
2015/16 Keigen League One

The Keigen League One, known for sponsorship reasons as the Keigmid League One, is the top division of the Keigen Professional Football League, the league competition for men's professional football clubs in Keig. The Keigen League One was established in August 2015, after the Keigen Professional Football League was formed by a merger of the Keigen Premier League and Keigen Football League.


Team Location Stadium
Spartans F.C. Balamora Bala Park
Almakar Town Almakar Almakay Park
Tedinham Villa Cothrington Cothring Park
Ferburku Celts Ferburku Stadion Ferburku
Caledonia F.C. Caledonia Barra Park
Fehr United Aberdeen Stadion Ferburku
St Crossway Crossway Stadion Ferburku
Caleyhead F.C. Timorska Timor Park
Dancorseds Timorska N/A

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