KARSARM, abbreviated Kopenhavvniis Army is the army of Copenhåag.


The KARSARM has Two wings. Each one is divided into three regiments, each with 100 men. The Danish army provides personnel for two more wings.

1 Wing

  • The Prime ministers guards-12 men, two patrol jeeps, one helicopter, three aircrew
  • 1st Regiment-120 men, ten jeeps
  • 7th Guards unit

67 Training Wing

  • “The panthers” Training team No1
  • Guards training team 2
  • Services co operation unit

Dansk Guards wng

  • 45th regiment Royal Danish army
  • Force protection
  • 322 Tank regiment

Private contractor sponsored

  • 2nd Guards unit

Current Operations


Anti terrorist operations against pro-union rebels in the North East of Copenhåag have been taking place since September 2014. Famous battles :Copenhagen border skirmish, Battle of Bogense.


Twenty troops may soon be deployed to Christiania to assist the Danish Police in clearing the area of criminals.

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