Great Socialist People's January Revoluition 
Date: 23-27 January 2015
Location: Marrskar

Result: Communist Victory

Territorial changes

FlagOfMarrskarDemocratic Republic of Märrskär

  • Presidental Guard

Supported By

Flag of the Republic of BrändholmBrändholm


SovietJulholm Communist Party of Marrskar 

Commanders and leaders

FlagOfMarrskarDemocratic Cynthia Bakker 

FlagOfMarrskarDemocratic Wesley Hoewijk  (until 25 January)

Flag of the Republic of Brändholm Shady Morsi

Flag of the Republic of Brändholm Samuel Bakker

Sweden-State-Flag-alternate-1838 Oskar Bar

SovietJulholm Dave Visser

SovietJulholm Micheal Lijedekker

SovietJulholm Wesley Hoewijk  (from 25 January)

SovietJulholm Yuri Mulder


FlagOfMarrskarDemocratic 10

Flag of the Republic of Brändholm 4

SovietJulholm  18

Military activity
Casualties and losses

FlagOfMarrskarDemocratic 3

Flag of the Republic of Brändholm 1

The Great Socialist People's January Revolution, known in Radon as the Märrskärian January Revolution is a communist revolution. This revolution, commonly referred to as a seizure of state power instrumental in Marrskar took place with an armed insurrection in Marnea and Talkaset.

During this time, urban workers and farmers began to organize into councils. Eventually, the Revolution in Marrskar overthrew the Republic of Märrskär and gave the power to the communist party CPM. The Communist Party of Märrskär was heavily supported by the most of the people, which immediately initiated the establishment of Democratic Märrskär.

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