Storms throughout the United Kingdom left devastation in January 2016. Keig was one of the hardest hit areas. A Late January survey by the Republic of Keig found 1 in 5 Keigen residents were affected by flooding. 3 lives had been lost through the flooding 2 of 3 were Scottish.

Keig's Environment Agency issued 33 flood warnings for south west prompting fears of repeated scenes of January chaos. Most affected area, Ballater, was crippled by Storm Frank. A reported 10,000,000L of Austraran Laans of damage in Scotland & Republic of Keig alone.

On January 3rd, Aberdeenshire Council said it was dealing with an escalating emergency response as the rivers Dee and Ythan burst their banks. Some 38 properties in Port Elphinstone, near Inverurie, and 18 homes in Ellon were evacuated. At first light, as conditions eased, dozens of people were being cared for at rest centres.

By Friday afternoon, Aberdeen City Council said it had switched its anti-flooding efforts to Culter, where the burn burst its banks and 12 residents from the Millside were evacuated from their homes. A spokeswoman said: "The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has suggested that river levels in the city will not rise any further and will start to decrease gradually over the course of the day... However, residents in the Granholm and Culter areas are advised to remain extra vigilant over the next 48 hours."

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