Inter Ferburku
Inter Ferburku
Founded 2015
Country Keig
League Keig Premier League
Coach Jacob Kingemal
Manager Ben Gilmor
Ground Stadion Ferburku, Ferburku
Owner Keig Government
Website Inter Ferburku
Best Result

4-1 vs Hasslo Kickers Hasslo Kickers


Inter Ferburku is a team from Ferburku, Keig, who featured in the 2015/16 EUFA Europa League. They won the Keigen First Division in 2015, getting a place in Europe.

The club is government owned, but officially owned by MP Ben Gilmor since August 2015. The clubs biggest recorded win was a 4-1 win against United Islands side Hasslo Kickers, which successfully knocked them out of the competition and brought them into the group stages of the 2015/16 EUFA Europa League.


The club was formed by the government of Keig in July 2015, to compete in the 2015/16 Keigen Premier League. In early august, MP Ben Gilmor bought the club and has invested money into the club.

Matches Played

This includes matches played in the 2015/16 EUFA Europa League and the Keigen First Division. It is unknown if the club will forfeit the season or not depending on the 2015/16 EUFA Europa League season and the Keig national football team with the 2015/16 Keigen Premier League.

Team 1 Score Team 2 Competition
Inter Ferburku Inter Ferburku 1-0 Metallum Metallum Friendly match
Inter Ferburku Inter Ferburku 3-2 aet Dfc Shaktar Tranmania International Cup
Sporting Smithville 1-0 Inter Ferburku Inter Ferburku International Cup
Inter Ferburku Inter Ferburku 1-0 NK-Primorje NK Primorje KPL


So far, Inter Ferburku has won two awards:

Award Championship
SapphireAward-Team 2015/16 EUFA Europa League
GoldAward 2015 Club International Football Cup


No. Position
1 GK Jamie Simpson
2 DF Matthew Craig
3 DF Lee Kingsman
4 DF Christian Thomas
5 DF Kyle Patterson
6 MF Park Lee Sung
7 FW George Ismail
8 MF Scott Brown
9 FW Jeremy Van Dijk
10 MF James Kingsman
11 FW Kevin Forte
16 MF Barry James
24 ST Yussuf Said

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