Inner Azik Relations
Flag of North Azikistan
Democratic Republic of Azikistan
Flag of the Republic of Azikistan
Republic of Azikistan

Country comparison

Democratic Republic of Azikistan (North)  Republic of Azikistan (South)
Population 29 45
Ideology Communism Azik Nationalism
Rulling Party Azik People's Revoluitionary Party Party of National Recouncilation
Capital Gohar Tuwangalu
Largest city Saam'kandland Tuwangalu
Government Single Party Socialist Republic Nationalist Republic
First Leader Badar-Al Hakim Melissa K'lan
Current Leader Badar-Al Hakim Shady Morsi
Official languages Azik, Chinese, English Azik ,English ,Uygur
Official religions Selcuarism Islam (proclaimed as state religion) Selcuarism
Ethnic groups Aziks Aziks
GDP (nominal)
Military Strengh 18 45

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