Kingdom of Ihuset

Konincrijck Ihuset (Emilan)
Koninkrijk Ihuset(Dutch)

Kyngdom of Ihuset(Slin Englysh)

Heb eene goede dag
The Netherlands
Capital city King Room
Largest city King Island
Official language(s) Emilan
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Husetan
Government Absolute monarchy (presumed)
- King Emilo I
Established 29 May 2012
Population 4
Currency Husetan Pounds
Time zone IST
National sport Somebodyball

Ihuset, officially the Kingdom of Ihuset was a micronation located in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It was founded on May 28th, 2012. It was one of the Mahusetan predecessor states. It merged with neighbouring micronation Matsia to form Mahuset in June 2012, with the current leader of Mahuset as king and Matthies Kersbergen as prime minister. Matthies was later replaced by Nuri I.

In Mahuset, Ihuset itself transformed into Mærtan Ihuset, which later became Poseidon Ihuset.


Pre Ihuset era (2007 - 2012)

Ihuset began as a fictional nation in a fictional world in 2007. It was called: "Emiel's World" and was an empire, Emiel was the emperor and was called "Cool Emiel". It was non-serious but there were plans to revive it in the Ihuset era. But if it was never founded, Emiel never would have come in contact with politics. It had a dialect of Dutch called "Emilan", which had an alphabet.

Ihuset era (May 2012)

Ihuset was founded by Emiel to get the feeling of autonomy, it wasn't serious like Emiel's World and there were plans to revive Emiel's World, these plans were canceled.


  1. Relaxed is the same song as the Mahusetan anthem, Mahusetoni Vetriana, but in its original name.

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