Gripönese Kingdom
Gripönese kungariket

Flag of Gripo
Coat of Arms

Gripo stands when the King stands
Capital city Girpenburg
Official language(s) Swedish, English, Serbian
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Has short name::Gripo
Demonym Griponese
Government Absolute Authoritarian Monarchy
- King Edis I
- Crown Prince Elvis Prasovic
- Prime Minister Steef Dijk
Legislature Royal Estate
Established 25 January 2016
Population 12
Currency United Krone
 The Gripönese Kingdom  commonly refered as Gripö is a huge micronation located in the Fennoscandian Sector , bordering the State of Langholm and the United Islands to the north Originally founded as as rebel state against Soldania in 2010 It was reviewed in 25 January 2016

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