Ministry of Representation

Embassies of the United Islands

Agency overview
Formed 22 June 2015
Jurisdiction Government of the United Islands
Headquarters Olympia
Annual budget TBA
Minister Shady Morsi
Employees 13-28
Website TBA

The Foreign Relations of the United Islands are handled by the Minister of Representation of the United Islands . the United Islands participates fully in regional organizations.

United Islands has developed increasingly close ties with Stora foreign and economic ministers hold annual meetings. Brandholm have also embassies in the world The close friendship with Långholm has been the linchpin of United Islands foreign policy for decades. This is because Langholm was the first nation, micro or macro, to recognize United Islands soverignty. 


United Islands  has an official foreign policy but its diplomacy is guided by a commitment to be recognized by as many nations as possible and to make a noticeable and positive impact on the micronational community. As a result of choice policy, the following nations are ones United Islands has relations with or recognizes:However since the Foreigin Friends Act, United Islands abolished its diplomacy and demanded a foriegn policy 

  • UI only recognize states when they have at least 4 citizens or more
  • United Islands does not recognize states that claim Bir Tawil, extraterrestrial areas, or any other "unserious" places
  • United Islands does not recognize states which claim United Islander territory 
  • United Islands will not enter relations with nations that opposed United Islands in a war
  • Micronations who want to have diplomatic relations with the United Islands must have a website where information is offered on how to Government, Head of State, email, location and territorial claims.

Formal relations



Diplomatic relations began


Borders Brandholm

Langholmer Lord-Protectorate in Exile


  • Currently in a Dispute however still allies


Federal Republic of Hasanistan


  • Both States recognize each other


Acadian Republic of Vulkron


  • realations established after request of Brandholm


Republic of Viadalvia


  • Brandholms president is also the founder of Viadalvia
  • Viadalvia have an embassy in Seyat
  • Brandholm have an embassy in Voltak


Federation of Bosmansk


  • relations established after request of Bosmansk


People's Republic of Hashima


  • Relations Established after Hashiman request


Great Empire of Dikameppra

  • Relations Established after Dikameppran request


Democratic Republic of Authur

  • Relations Established after Arthuran request
Fennoscandia State of Märrskär 2015
Fennoscandia Republic of Stora 2015
  • Both countries have great ties 
Fennoscandia Republic of Ekholm 2015
  • Both countries have great ties 
Baltic Sea Federal Republic of Severslavia and Hochland 2015
Israel Republic of Gomorrah 2016
  • Relations established on Gomorran Request
Netherlands Confederation of Mahuset 2016
  • Relations established on Mahusetan request
Asia Taipanese Empire 2016
  • Relations established on Taipanese request
Aland Kingdom of Friesholm 2016
  • Friesholm have a personal union with the UI
Africa Socialsit Great State of Zaydeya 2016
  • Relations established on Zaydeyan request


Recognized But No Relations


Informal Relations

Unrecognized Nations

  • Republic of the Union of Myanmar
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Ukraine 
  • Israel (claim on Palestine)
  • Palestine (Claim on Palestine)
  • Sangheli Union (unrealism also outrageous towards UI officals)
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (recognized as Zaire)
  • Komandorski Confederation
  • Märrskärian People's Government (unlegitimate terrorist government)
  • Government of the Syrian Arab Republic (UI sees the Syrian opposition

as legitimate government)

  • Langholm (fascist government)
  • Federation of Westland