Since Apia declared independence from New Zealand, Apia became a sovereign, independent state, Apia has established diplomatic relations with a number of nations, including most of its Pacific micronations with which it maintains economic, cultural and administrative ties with its regionally. Apia is also a founding member of the League of Secessionist Nations

Its diplomacy is guided by a commitment to be recognized by as many nations as possible and to make a noticeable and positive impact on the micronational community. As a result of choice policy, the following nations are ones Apia has relations with or recognizes:

Formal Relations

Flag Nation Recognized Notes
Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic Viadalvia 2016 First Nation to recognize Apia as independent, member of the LSN
Dolmanian flag Dolmenia 2016 Member of the LSN
50px Ost Frisiche Sovjet Republiek 2016 Member of the LSN
Hels flag Germanic Republic of Helsvania 2016 Member of the LSN
Asgart Kingdom of Asgart 2016 Member of the LSN
SF Republic Doetinchem Farmers Republic of Doetichem 2016 Member of the LSN
Flag of Akebar Republic of Akebar 2016

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