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First Pikawar
Part of the Pikawars
Date January-August 2011
Location Burgemeester de Wilde School, Schagen
Result Victory for PP Clubs

50px Current PP Clubs


50px Pikahaters

Pikaphile leaders

50px Nuri I
50px Ewout Bruggink

Pikahater leaders

50px Anton Vermeer

50px 5 50px 6
Injuries and losses
1 injured 2 injured

The First Pikawar was one of the Pikawars at the Burgemeester de Wilde School in Schagen. It started a month after Team Pika Pika was founded. Hostilities, including the Pikahaters, started a pestering campaign set to 'destroy' Team Pika Pika and Yoshi Fan Club. This sparked a war between the two sides for playing ground. This 'tug of war' lasted for 8 months. In response, part of Team Pika Pika formed both Team Headquarters and the Kingdom of Radon, although the latter was not in its micronational stage by then.

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