Fight for Survival (also known as Fight for Survival the king of Brandholm) is an unfinished film project produced, written and directed by Wesley Winter.It was known for the being branded the worst movie ever.


The Fight for Survival follows 9 candidates. From time to time, they have are sent to Brandholm and are forced to take arms against one another until only one candidate remains.The programme was created,the people will become paranoid and divided, preventing another rebellion. Soon the candidates are issued survival packs and a random weapon or a tool, and sent out onto the island one by one. While most of the students receive guns and knives, some students acquire relatively useless items like boomerangs, dartboard darts, or a fork.


The movie get so much criticism due the fact it was based on Battle Royale. People claimed the movie was unrealistic and copied from BR.As a result the movie was canceled.

The movie was never really made however there was only 1 scene made in 2015 but there are no plans to reveal the idea.

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