[DEFUNCT] Federal Republics of Severoslavia and Hochland

Федеративная Республика Северная Славия и Гогланд



Capital/largest city Suurkyla Kremlin
Official languages

Russian, Finnish, Estonian, German

Demonym Severoslavian
Government Federal Constitutional Monarchy
- President Allin Dyck
- Prime Minister Pavlik Kaspersky
- Speaker of the Duma Johann Abel
Legislature Duma
Un-official Government entity
 -  Foundation 2013 (as dependancy of Westland)
 - Gogland wars December 31, 2015
 -  Constitution adopted

January 2, 2016

Currency hryvnia (грн)
Internet TLD .gog


the name: Severoslavia (roughly: North Slavia) is a local name representing the Northern Slavic inhabitants



The earliest Human activity on the islands were temporary camps built by Vikings in the Baltic.


in the past 200 years they have been controlled by Russian Empire, The Soviet Union, Finland, Nazi Germany, Russian Federation, Republic of Gogland (puppet of Westland), and today Federal Republic of Severoslavia and Hogland (FRSH)

Battle of Gogland

The Battle of Gogland was a short battle off the island of Gogland, where several fireworks were launched off of fishing boats at the Island of Gogland by the Westlandic government attempting to show strength and dominance over the islands. However after gaining no responce they left back to saint petersburg.


The Government of FRSH is similar to that of the former FR Yugoslavia and current Bosnia and Herzegovina it is made up of a Monarchistic Federal Goverment with local states under the Federal Government.

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