FBC Klinkenburg
Founded 2015
Country United Islands
League Staatsdevisie

FBC Klinkenburg is a team from Klinkenburg, Nordland United Islands, who featured in the 2015/16 EUFA Europa League. They won the Brandholmer First Division in 2015, getting a place in Europe.


So far, FBC Klinkenburg has only won the following award:

Award Championship
SilverAward 2015 Club International Football Cup

Matches Played

This includes matches played in the 2015/16 EUFA Europa League and the Brandholmer/ United Islands First Division.

Team 1 Score Team 2 Competition
Inter Ferburku Inter Ferburku 0-2 KLINKENBURG Klinkenburg Europa League
Klinkenburg KLINKENBURG 1-3 Inter Ferburku Inter Ferburku Europa League

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